Frequently Asked Questions
  • How can you do this for free?
  • Our gateway services are free for merchants due to the special business relationships we have with our preferred processors. Our processors have the same goal that we do - to make high performance payment processing easier and cheaper for everybody. Our preferred processors have agreed to cover the full cost of merchant gateway services in exchange for the opportunity to provide quotes to our great merchants. Our unique approach means that everybody wins!
  • Why does it cost money if I want to use my own processor?
  • Even though our technology is compatible with most payment processing companies, processors other than our preferred processors have not agreed to cover the costs involved with processing merchant transactions. These costs are simply passed on to the merchant when a preferred processor is not chosen. By the way, merchants must be extremely careful to make an apples-to-apples comparison when putting their own processor's quote up against our preferred processor quotes. It is important to note that the costs of processing transactions using the advanced Diamond Payment Systems techonology are fully included when using our preferred processors, but these costs will be in addition to whatever rates they are quoted when using a alternative, non-preferred processor. Even though the rates sometimes look better at first, the total cost for using a non-preferred processor is invariably higher than simply using one of our preferred processors. But like we say, it's totally up to you! We'd never limit your ability to choose the processor you want to use.
  • Do software developers make any money from this?
  • Yes, our software developer partners are rewarded for bringing new merchants to us, and are rewarded further when they choose to standardize all payment processing on Diamond Payment Systems technology. This standardization simplifies things for the solution provider without trapping the merchant into using a specific payment processor which they may or may not like. Standardization by software developers allows us to provide the best possible technology at the lowest possible cost. However, it is important to note that Merchant processing rates are NOT affected by the rewards we share with our software developers - these rewards come directly from our pocket, not the Merchant's.
  • So is PCI compliance for merchants REALLY that difficult?
  • Yes, absolutely. If you are asking this question, then it is clear that you have not started the process of becoming compliant. We've been through the process more times than we can count. Why not let us help you simplify things?