How It Works For Merchants
If your point-of-sale solution developer has standardized on our payment processing technology, you should thank them! Your solution developer is smart. You see, because our technology stores all your credit card info in our secure vaults, your transactions are more secure, and your customers more protected, than with any other payment processing option in the world. And what's even better, our solutions put you in the driver's seat. We won't force you into anything you don't want to do or seek to limit your payment processing options in any way.

With Diamond Payment Systems, you always maintain total freedom of choice when it comes to who you choose to handle your credit card processing. We have the clout to help you shop around for the best possible rates and service, by sharing your information with our ever-growing list of preferred processors. All we do is technology, not credit card processing, so frankly, it doesn't matter to us who you choose. And in the end, if you choose to stick with your current processor, it's absolutely NO PROBLEM for us!

So go ahead, fill in this simple form, and get started today! It's absolutely FREE and easy to get registered.