PCI Compliance - Now, Easier and More Affordable!
In late 2004, the major card brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover) combined their security efforts and established a single new "PCI-DSS", or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. At that time, all "member banks" (the really BIG banks) were required to comply with this consolidated standard, generally considered to be the toughest data security standard anywhere in the world. Shortly thereafter, the member banks began to require their affiliated merchant processors and large service provider companies (like Diamond Payment Systems) to follow the same standard. So far, hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested by these entities to keep cardholder data more secure and prevent data breaches where vulnerable cardholder data is lost to criminals.

Although this renewed focus on security is a good thing overall, becoming compliant with all the security requirements is complicated, confusing, and can be almost unbelievably expensive. And now, the attention has shifted further down the totem pole, so that many merchants are being required by their merchant processors to comply with the entire PCI-DSS standard, further reducing risk of data loss. This means that companies providing software to these merchants must also comply. Merchants who have not been required to comply so far will be soon, there is simply no doubt.

The compliance requirements for PCI-DSS have been making their way down the food chain since the requirements were standardized. The diagram below shows how things have progressed since 2004.

PCI Compliance Enforcement Since 2004
Figure 1. PCI compliance enforcement has progressed steadily down the food chain since late 2004.
Eventually, every entity that touches cardholder data will be required to become fully compliant.

How can you best prepare for your role in complying with these looming security requirements? Diamond Payment Systems can help! We understand the PCI-DSS requirements extremely well, and provide tools and technologies to make the process of becoming compliant with all the security rules far easier and much, much less expensive. The official PCI Security Standards web site (visit them yourself if you like at pcisecuritystandards.org) is complicated and requires quite a bit of deep research. It can take days or even weeks to read it all, and you'd need to consult with a security expert to really ever understand what it all means to you. Fortunately, our internal experts have read it all from end to end, and know exactly how to keep PCI compliance from becoming an impossible nightmare for you. Our payment processing tools will save you time and a lot of money, potentially, tens of thousands of dollars!

Why not let us show you how we do it?