How It Works For Processors and ISOs
Diamond Payment Systems has a simple mission: To be the ultimate "bridge" that brings Merchants, Software Developers (or "Solution Developers"), and Payment Processors together. We maintain a very short list of Preferred Processors that we recommend highly to our network of clients. We recommend only processors that have shown a healthy track record of both over-the-top customer service and competition-crushing rates. But for those that earn a place on our list, the rewards are many.

Our Preferred Processors universally employ aggressive "cost-plus" pricing to keep rates as low as possible. We look for processors that have volume and customer longevity in mind first and foremost. We're not looking for short-term profiteers. We don't have to tell you that this is a tough, narrow margin business, but through our network, we can show you how to generate leads and consistently add new merchants to your portfolio. We strive to create a "win-win-win" environment, where everybody earns financial rewards while simultaneously saving our shared merchants as much money as possible. It's a tall order, but we know exactly how to make it work.

If you think you might qualify to join our Preferred Processor team, please check out our technical requirements first, and if you find that you're compatible with our technology (most processors are or can be), please contact us, and we'll set up a time for a phone interview. If it looks like a match, we'll lay out the terms of our agreement, and then we'll decide together if it's good fit.