How It Works For Solution Developers
Providing reliable, secure, and affordable payment processing options for users of your software solutions can be a serious challenge that can consume dozens or even hundreds of hours of your precious development time. There are countless credit card processors out there, all waving money in your face and trying to convince you to use them exclusively.

And if you haven't figured it out yet, you will - your merchants HATE THAT!

Everybody wants to have a choice when it comes to payment processing, and merchants resent being told what company they must use just so things are easier for you. Diamond Payment Systems has the solution to all of these problems! We'll show you how to restore choice for your merchants, and we'll make you look like a hero instead of the villain. How do we do it?

Integrating with Diamond Payment Systems solutions is straightforward and easy. If your solution runs on the Microsoft Windows platforms, we offer COM and .NET based client objects that can have you up and running in as little as one hour. You can also integrate directly with our services via XML if you run in a non-Windows environment or just prefer that approach.

Need help with the project? No problem! Easy-to-follow, downloadable documentation is available, and we'll assign one of our famous live, personal integration support specialists to assist with questions and testing at no charge to you.
Merchant Choice
Because we specialize only in payment processing gateway technology, and not on processing credit card transactions ourselves, we can remain an independent 3rd party, giving merchants the ability to use virtually any payment processor they wish. This means that you are freed from having to work exclusively with a single credit card processing company - one that may not work best for every merchant. And we promise - your merchants will LOVE THAT!

Your merchants choose the processing company they want to use, and all the costs of processing transactions are fully explained. Merchants who choose to work with one of our preferred processors will get totally FREE gateway services from Diamond Payment Systems, while those who choose non-preferred processors will be billed for the gateway technology at reasonable market-standard rates. We are always expanding our list of preferred processors, and we interview each applicant relentlessly to make sure they will offer your merchants not only outstanding processing rates, but also the really top-notch customer service that is so hard to find.

Whatever happens along the road, Diamond Payment Systems won't put handcuffs on anybody - merchants are free to switch processors whenever they reasonably choose to do so without any penalty from us. The beauty of this is that you don't have to do anything at all on your end - once the gateway setup is completed in your software, you just keep on processing transactions with no configuration changes required! Your compensation structure never changes, and your merchants will love you because you offer them more than one or two choices in merchant processing. Suddenly, you're the hero and not the bad guy!
With Diamond Payment Systems, your applications are more secure than ever. Our remote storage technologies and lookup features allow you to exclude any and all cardholder data from your local databases. With no cardholder data being stored at all, PA-DSS compliance becomes extremely simple and much more affordable, since there is no need for complicated encryption algorithms and encryption key changes. All you store locally is the Diamond Payment Systems Transaction ID. If needed for reporting purposes, you could also store a truncated (masked) copy of the card number, the transaction amount and probably the card type. We give you all the tools you need to perform remote lookups by full card number when needed, issue credits against older transactions, and even run new or recurring transactions against that same card number, all without you having to store any cardholder data!

Removing the cardholder data from your application's databases entirely also makes life easier and more secure for your merchants. When your merchants are working on their own PCI compliance, they will qualify to fill in the SAQ-C questionnaire (about 20 questions) instead of the SAQ-D questionnaire (about 200 questions). Things are simpler and less expensive for everybody because data that is not stored cannot be stolen. To learn more about PCI security, visit our PCI Overview.
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